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Hello all, friends and foes alike from days of old. I am m0dnar aka Whishal/Duncan of ChaosCrusade/RoC

Currently I'm in the process of re-creating ChaosCrusade 2.4.3 AV only as close as I possibly can with myself and a few friends. As it stands right now we're making good progress, we have most of the information we need; vendor prices, boss info, gold script mechanics, teleport locations layouts, npc models, malls etc.

Note; It won't be 100% as you remember it, of course. There won't be the same bugs, there won't be the same players, but I'm hopeful and passionate that this project can be successful, that we can bring back what made chaos-crusade and RoC so special, and provide a place for everyone to have fun and make memories like I made 12 years ago.

We will be maintaining the 'No pay 2 win' aspect; you will not be able to donate to myself, or any other staff. You will however have a direct link to the servers bill if you would like to contribute to the monthly costs, everything else will be out of my pocket unless others wish to pitch it. I in no way expect or ask for anything in this regard; It's my responsibility.

I do however ask this;
If you have any specifics you may remember, if you have old videos of you in the malls, buying items, using teleporters, fighting the bosses, getting gold rewards, doing quests, anything, It would be a great help. Every bit counts.

Currently there is no ETA, I'm not going to get hopes up for a release date, when it's ready it will be ready and I will keep everyone posted as things change. I do have my own discord server (not specific to From Chaos) if you would like to join, we are accepting volunteers for all fields website/dev/gms.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you on the battlefield!

PS: If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or critiques, all are happily accepted. I want to make this the best possible project I can before I release it to the public, this thing is my baby and I want to see it done and done well.

PPS Edit:
I have made a discord for the server - here:
Update 3/15/20!

Bosses are scripted ~90% - just need to fix ability internal cd's/assign castrandom sequences
Gold script implimented ~90% - only need to fix chat report function. - everything else functional
All vendor prices loosely arranged, specifics need to be tuned.
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