Alright, first of all, thank you to everyone who applied, I had to drastically cut down from 40 applicants in the second round to 20. It was tough as there were many applications that were appealing, but we had to keep in mind what we were looking for in future GMs, there were certain criteria that made some applications more appealing than others, i.e. time zones. Hence you can see the {W} or the {E} in the topic title, it was for me to identify the location, west or east, where we were mainly looking for eastern GMs, i.e. european GMs to assist Optical during his time (GMT+12) and to cover the server and tickets while our american GMs were asleep. (sleep, ZzzzzzZ:P)

And now, the list of those moving onto to the third round:


Those already interviewed:

Overnight |Interviewed
Elise |Interviewed
Icelina |Interviewed
Ephex |Interviewed
Altox |Interviewed
Royale |Interviewed
BrandonX |Interviewed
Fonaleb |Interviewed
Mexitank |Interviewed
Cronker |Interviewed
Arrive |Interviewed
Blud |interviewed
ProtWhatWhat |Interviewed
Pancake |Interviewed

Note: Your order on the list does not mean anything, i.e. just because Fonaleb is last and Lampe is first on the list does not mean Lampe is more qualified than Fonaleb.

Now, the third round is interviews, Beginning tomorrow, until saturday (GMT-5) (depending on my availability), if you have proceeded onto the next round, please contact me on either IRC or ventrilo for an interview. smile.gif. Thank you, and good luck.