Simple enough, those who received [*] did not make it and were dragged into the compilation of [*] and below applications. Thank you for applying perhaps you will have better luck next time.

[**] means you made it to the second round, congratulations, it gets tougher.
[**-] Means you made it to the second round and you read carefully, you included "I am smarter than the average noob" at the bottom of your post, a symbol that you read carefully before applying. wink.gif. This has been noted.
[**-&] Elise earned the &, as always & represents Opti's approval, this is due to Elise's Helpfulness when it came to testing skirmish Arena's that Opti was fixing on the local server. Elise helped by Triple boxing 3 characters for the test, Thank you Elise, this has been dually noted.

The second round will begin tomorrow, I'll be looking through your applications picking out key elements that will either make you pass or cause you to fail. I will also be reviewing your behavior in-game. I.E. are you helpful? Are you a disturbance within the community? Do you get facepwnt by other players often? <-- Okay that last one I just made up, it doesn't really matter if you get rolled over ;P.

Good luck applicants.