1:: What is your most used in-game name, otherwise known as your "Main" character?


2:: How long have you played on Remnants of Chaos?

I've been playing here since mid-June, and I played on CC all of last summer.

3:: Have you ever played retail World of Warcraft and if you have, for how long?

I played on retail since October, 2005 and I quit in June, 2007.

4:: What is your average daily playing time? Please be as accurate as possible.

Generally I'll play for 5-8 hours depending on my mood or if I have nothing important that I need to do.

5A:: What country or state do you live in? Fluent English is a requirement, do you fulfill that requirement?

I live in Ontario, Canada. I speak English fluently.

5B:: Do you know any secondary languages? If so, please list them.

I was required to learn French in school for 5 years, so I can somewhat speak the language to the point where I can be understood. I'm nowhere near fluent however.

6:: What hours do you normally play and please indicate your time zone?

I usually play from 5pm - 3am Eastern Standard Time(GMT-5)

7:: How many different classes have you played on Remnants of Chaos?

On this server I have played a Hunter, Druid and Warrior.

8:: How old are you?

I'm currently 16, and will be turning 17 in a few weeks.

9A:: Do you have past experience as a Game Master or related experience?

No, I've never been a GM before.

9B:: If you have, where and for how long? Please provide as much detailed information as possible. If you haven't any past experience, please input 'N/A' in the field below.


10:: Give a reason (or more) why you should be selected as GM for Remnants of Chaos:

I'm the kind of person that can keep a level head during tough situations. I always think before I say something to somebody, and consider the consequences of my actions. I consider myself to be a very mature and open-minded person.

11:: Give us some general information about yourself here.

I'm entering my final year of high school this September, and plan to study Sciences in University next year. I have a variety of different interests in my life. Obviously I love to play video games and go on my computer, but I also was an active member of the school band and jazz band, as well as a member of the school track team.

I also played hockey for 8 years, played and refereed soccer, played baseball and even fenced for a few months.

12:: What can you contribute to Remnants of Chaos that other applicants cannot?

Due to all the teams and committees I've been on/participated in, I know what it's like to work well with other people. I respond very well to criticism, and I'm not bothered by being given direction.

13:: What is your opinion of the current staff, list their names and your opinion on them following it.

GM Rezlind:
From what I've seen in lfg and around the forums, Rezlind seems to be a very fun guy to be around. He's always hosting events and getting great turnouts every time from what I've seen. He's also made me laugh with some of his forum posts.

GM Opti:
While I don't see you online or in lfg that much, I know what you're doing behind the scenes and I have nothing but respect for you because I could never do what you do.

I don't know much about the other staff, but I'll try to give opinions (Sorry for people that I forget)

GM Asetas:
He appears to be a very helpful person that is very quick to respond in the lfg channel. Being easily accessible is very important in my opinion.

GM Vip3r:
I haven't seen you on that much, but from what I've seen you seem to be a cool guy.

I haven't really seen any other GMs online enough to give an opinion.

14:: Name one thing you think would improve Remnants of Chaos furthermore?

The biggest problem right now seems to be tension between players, whether it be in the global lfg channel, or in rage threads on the forums. I think if I were a GM, I'd like to focus on improving player relationships, and try to make the server a much more positive place.

15:: Have you ever been banned or muted?


I'm smarter than the average noob