Jakez GM Application.

1:: What is your most used in-game name, otherwise known as your "Main" character?

2:: How long have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
ive been playing RoC like 2-3 weeks after it came up and i Played CC for like the start of 2.4 to the takedown of the server.

3:: Have you ever played retail World of Warcraft and if you have, for how long?
yes for 4 years. on and off in tbc though.

4:: What is your average daily playing time? Please be as accurate as possible.
erhm it depends, i can be on for 2 hours and sometimes i can for 6-7 hours.

5A:: What country or state do you live in? Fluent English is a requirement, do you fulfill that requirement?
I live in Denmark, i speak english well enough.

5B:: Do you know any secondary languages? If so, please list them.
some german not much though, Danish ofc, and then i can read and understand Swedish and Norwegian aswell,

6:: What hours do you normally play and please indicate your time zone?
from 2pm till around midnight i dont play till so late though. Timzone : Denmark (+02:00)- Central European Summer Time (CEST) changing to Central European Time (CET)

7:: How many different classes have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
them all smile.gif mostly rogue.

8:: How old are you?
15 soon 16 though.

9A:: Do you have past experience as a Game Master or related experience?
me and my friend had our own server some time ago, we got our friends to join and later on i was able to control everything on the server. we didnt want to run the server anymore after some time though.!

9B:: If you have, where and for how long? Please provide as much detailed information as possible. If you haven't any past experience, please input 'N/A' in the field below.
well i was ''only'' gm, it was my friend who ran the server. i just did some bug reporting and some fixes.

10:: Give a reason (or more) why you should be selected as GM for Remnants of Chaos:
im well known on the server, im friendly and im not the type that does things halfdone, if you want a helping hand on all the tickets and bug fixing you should choice me, no doubt about that.

11:: Give us some general information about yourself here.
i live in Denmark (EU) im 15 years old, going on my last year of school, i play soccer and drums in my sparetime, if i dont play drums or soccer im hanging with my friends and girlfriend, that might take some of my time but it shouldnt be so big of a problem, we all got a social life, and i think gm's are right to have that, if not i dont want to be one smile.gif!

12:: What can you contribute to Remnants of Chaos that other applicants cannot?
i can be one good, understanding and determined Gamemaster, and I can certainly meet (what i think is necessary for a gm)those requirements .

13:: What is your opinion of the current staff, list their names and your opinion on them following it.
GM Rezlind - i dont got a problem at all with rezlind, i like that he is determined and dont take shit from people.
GM Icyshiva - dont know him so well, never had a ticket done by him, but im not the big ticket maker smile.gif.
GM Asetas - great great guy, i liked that he maked people banners without charges smile.gif.
GM Viper - dont know the guy well.
GM Namaste - if i dont remember wrong that guy is Oliver, i used to 2v2 with oliver as my teammate, he was also in same guild as me and still is with his nongamemaster account smile.gif great great guy.
GM Thor - dont know him.
GM Opti - well the maker of the server, only thing i can say is great job at keeping the server running and improving it everyday.

14:: Name one thing you think would improve Remnants of Chaos furthermore?
i think that RoC should not only made the server for new people, but also keep the server living for the skilled and old people.

15:: Have you ever been banned or muted?
actually no smile.gif