Here goes nothin' ;]

1:: What is your most used in-game name, otherwise known as your "Main" character?

2:: How long have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
Since April 15th

3:: Have you ever played retail World of Warcraft and if you have, for how long?
Yes I have for about 1 year and a half.

4:: What is your average daily playing time? Please be as accurate as possible.
Mmm from 8 to 10 hours but sometimes more.

5A:: What country or state do you live in? Fluent English is a requirement, do you fulfill that requirement?
Bulgaria.I think my English is quite good but hey there's always google translate ;]

5B:: Do you know any secondary languages? If so, please list them.
Nope(I mean besides Bulgarian and English) but I'm gonna be learning dutch this year.

6:: What hours do you normally play and please indicate your time zone?
From 10 AM to around 12 PM (GMT +2) But I can always get on if I'm needed.

7:: How many different classes have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
I've played all but mostly mage and druid.

8:: How old are you?

9A:: Do you have past experience as a Game Master or related experience?
Yes I do.

9B:: If you have, where and for how long? Please provide as much detailed information as possible. If you haven't any past experience, please input 'N/A' in the field below.
I was head GM on a RP server called Vibrist's RP serv which had around 150 people on average and I was GM there for about 3 months.I was also GM on a Pre-TBC server called SecretWoW for about 1 month.

10:: Give a reason (or more) why you should be selected as GM for Remnants of Chaos:
Well I believe I'm pretty calm and patient when it comes to my people skills.I can keep my cool in difficult situations and I don't burst out in flames every time someone throws a bad word at me.

11:: Give us some general information about yourself here.
My name is Nicolai.My interests are music, volleyball and just messing around with friends :]

12:: What can you contribute to Remnants of Chaos that other applicants cannot?
I don't think I'm better than anyone else in any way ;]

13:: What is your opinion of the current staff, list their names and your opinion on them following it.

Rezlind - Well he has done a great job helping out the server and he's a great guy but sometimes he can be alittle harsh but hey everyone has bad days.

Optical - Tbh I've never seen anyone that can fix a server like Opti can.On the beta there were so many bugs and he just fixed them all in one week.

Asetas - I don't really know Asetas but from what I've seen he does a good job as a GM and I have yet to see someone complain about him

Thor - I know Ryan from a long time and I can tell ya - he's an awesome guy with a great sense of humor and also a dedicated GM tongue.gif

Oliver - Pretty much the same as Thor

Icyshiva/Viper - I don't see them online much so I can't really say anything.

14:: Name one thing you think would improve Remnants of Chaos furthermore?
The only improvement the server needs is fixing lag for EU players and/or fixing the imbalance between factions somehow.

15:: Have you ever been banned or muted?
I haven't been muted or banned on RoC but I was banned once and muted once on CC.

I'm smarter than the average noob.