1:: What is your most used in-game name, otherwise known as your "Main" character?
Bludshade (or Bludsnipe)

2:: How long have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
Since 11 june

3:: Have you ever played retail World of Warcraft and if you have, for how long?
Played retail for around 2 1/2 years

4:: What is your average daily playing time? Please be as accurate as possible.
Minimum of 5 hours, max of 12 hours

5A:: What country or state do you live in? Fluent English is a requirement, do you fulfill that requirement?
Romania, I believe my English is quite excellent

5B:: Do you know any secondary languages? If so, please list them.
I speak Romanian and English (I believe there's a lot of romanian people around)

6:: What hours do you normally play and please indicate your time zone?
Mostly between 12 AM - 12 PM (GMT +2)

7:: How many different classes have you played on Remnants of Chaos?
I can say I've played all the classes, more or less.

8:: How old are you?
15 years old

9A:: Do you have past experience as a Game Master or related experience?
Game Master experience, can't really say so, but I was a mall cop on a different server, mall cop was a normal player with a few GM items to deal with hackers and such when GMs were not online.

9B:: If you have, where and for how long? Please provide as much detailed information as possible. If you haven't any past experience, please input 'N/A' in the field below.
Well, I don't know exactly for how long, but I think it was around 2-3 months

10:: Give a reason (or more) why you should be selected as GM for Remnants of Chaos:
Well, I think I'd do a decent job, even without possibility to do events, I know how to handle most situations, and I believe living in europe and playing 12 hours a day (sometimes) could help doing tickets when other GMs aren't around.

11:: Give us some general information about yourself here.
My name's Andrew, I live in Romania, I'm 15 years old and I enjoy gaming. Currently, I'm on summer vacation so I play a lot of WoW (if I'm not online I'm most likely playing on xbox 360)

12:: What can you contribute to Remnants of Chaos that other applicants cannot?
Well, I believe I'm a lot more active then most people around here and that I can finish tickets quite fast

13:: What is your opinion of the current staff, list their names and your opinion on them following it.

Optical - Nice scripting, probably best scripting on a private server I saw so far (Played on quite lot of servers)
Rezlind - Good GM overall, does a good job with tickets
Icyshiva - I believe you're on forums/IRC a lot, but I never see you online in game so I can't really say something about you
Asetas - Does his job with GM tag on, doesn't make difference if you was either his friend or not before, friendly on his normal player account
Oliver/Evilcakes - When they're online, they're doing tickets and not wasting time
Vip3r - I believe you're busy with making a new site for RoC right now so I can't say anything about in-game activity.

14:: Name one thing you think would improve Remnants of Chaos furthermore?
Hmm, well I enjoy playing RoC a lot, even though I'm recently getting some lagspikes, but you're already working on fixing it so, I'd like to see factions a little more balanced due to horde outnumbering by 40-50 players, but I'm not exactly sure how you can do that right now

15:: Have you ever been banned or muted?
Not even kicked smile.gif

I'm smarter than the average noob.