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I feel that I should take this time to remind players that account security is your responsibility.

The Remnants of Chaos staff will NEVER ask for your account password, yes they may ask for your account name, such as in issues regarding bans or in forum PMs , however they will never ask you for your password.

They can also easily look up your account details in game , so there is no need for you to tell anyone your account name in game, and certainly not your password.

If someone whispers you in game, pretending to be one of the Staff members ( EXAMPLE: Rezlind ), asking for your account password, you are to take screenshots immediately and report the player in the 'Support and Reports' section.

Never give your account information out to anyone, your account is your responsibility, if your account is banned because you did not bother to keep your password secret, tough luck, it'll probably remain banned.
This certainly means that saying your brother was using your account, is not an excuse.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of the Login Information, whether or not authorized by you.

Gamemasters have a certain command, it is used by typing .playerinfo ( If ArcEmu Emulator, If not, Something simmilar) on the character, wich will give them the account information they need.
This means, if someone /whispers you in-game and pretends to be a Gamemaster, Telling you '' I need your password for a little scam check, I'm a GM '' , IGNORE IT.


- Brink
I found this to be useful and pinned.

People really should remember that its their account and no one elses
I agree, Thank you for Pinned.

I'll update this as often as possible.

- Brink.
Garbage post removed. Don't start shit on this thread. Warnings issued. Thank you for the thread Brink.

QUOTE (Hellohi @ Aug 2 2009, 05:17 PM) *
Do not call post that apply a point garbage, we simply stated it would have been MUCH easier just to put... "Do not give account info, GMs do not want your shit". Not trolling it's the truth, now what was that saying.... oh yes! Truth hurts(Although it is over the internet, so it should only hurt his e-peen not his Self Esteem).

Yeah I know the guide will help people, I just simply stated my point... good guide nonetheless.

Example of a garbage post. Removed.

Useless post removed for a third time. Warnings issued.
Good thread.......but i'm asking one thing:where can i change my acc password?
QUOTE (miorita @ Aug 25 2009, 03:07 AM) *
Good thread.......but i'm asking one thing:where can i change my acc password?

This is not the support section of the forums, helping you would be a horrid thing to do.

Thanks in advance!

- Hellohi
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